Koper guide

The guided tour of Koper

Koper guide

The guided tour of Koper with an experienced and friendly tour guide is one of the best ways to learn more about this city, which is one of the most important on the Istrian peninsula. The guided tour is done in an interesting and fun way, and during the tour, you learn many stories and legends that have accumulated over time.


Koper is the largest and most important city in Slovenian Istria. It has a rich and dynamic history. Through the past, Koper had many different names: Aegida, Capris, Iustinopolis, Caput Histriae, Koper, Koper. It once was an island, and it got connected with the land in the 19th century. Nowadays it represents an administrative, university, cultural and industrial center and attracts visitors from near and far. Koper is the only major port in Slovenia.


During the guided tour the guide explains the history and the present of Koper in an interesting and fun way. The visit lasts an hour and a half but can be modified according to a request. The itinerary of the tour usually follows the next points:

  • Muda gate: the main entrance to Koper when this was still an island. A large Renaissance-style door from the 16th century. Behind the door is Prešeren Square.
  • The shoemakers street: the main street in the old town where. The street’s name derives from many shoemakers’ workshops and still, today is full of interesting small shops.
  • Tito square: the main square in the historic center. There are historical buildings: the Praetorian Palace, the Foresteria, the Armeria, the Loggia and the cathedral.
  • The Cathedral of St. Mary of Assumption: a church, which has been modified many times in its history.
  • The Kidric street: here is the regional museum of Koper in the Totto ex Gavardo palace with a beautiful sculpture of a Venetian lion.
  • Carpaccio square: named by Vittore Carpaccio, a well-known Venetian painter of the Renaissance period, who also lived in Koper. On the square, there is the statue of St. Justine.
  • The promenade: the busiest part of Koper. Passing by the former salt warehouse Taverna and the mandracchio – small city port you can feel the spirit of the town.
Koper Tour guide

Some useful information about the guided tour:

  • Bus parking: there are two large parking lots for free coaches in Koper. They are located next to the train station and close to the Bonifika stadium.
  • Free time: there are many things to do in Koper in your free time. Bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, the tourist office…
  • Public baths: they are located near the market. They are free and very well maintained.
  • Other places that combine well with Koper, when organizing a trip: Island of Istria, Piran, Cristoglie, Carcase, Costabona.