Piran Slovenia Guide

The guided tour of Piran

Piran Slovenia Guide

The guided tour of Piran with an experienced and licensed tour guide is one of the best ways to get to know this city, which is also known as the pearl of the Slovenian coast. The guided tour of Piran is done in a professional, interesting but also fun way. During the visit, you will discover the lesser known corners of Piran, and you will learn the fascinating stories and legends that are connected to Piran.

The town of Piran has the reputation of being the most beautiful city on the Slovenian coast. The medieval labyrinth of streets, squares, churches and city walls are demonstrating the rich history of the town, which once was a part of the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice and for more than a century part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The town has traditionally lived on fishing, maritime trade, and salt production. Nowadays, the city of Piran is an administrative, cultural and tourist center that attracts visitors from near and far.

Piran guide


During the guided tour of Piran, the guide explains the rich history of the town and tells many exciting legends that have accumulated over the years.

On the standard walking tour you get to know:

  • The Tartini square, the main square, which is dedicated to the most famous citizen of Piran, Giuseppe Tartini, born in a house, located right on the square.
  • The Franciscan monastery with a baroque cloister, where classical music concerts take place in summer.
  • The church of St. George dates back to the 17th century with an interior in Baroque style and with the picturesque statue of St. George fighting with the dragon.
  • The tip of the peninsula. Here is the church of St. Mary of health with part of the medieval walls of Pirano and a neo-Gothic bell tower, which served as a lighthouse.
  • The promenade with many bars and restaurants. This is the place, where local people and tourist usually go for a walk in the summer evening.
  • Piazza Primo Maggio, which was once the main square of Piran. One a square you can find a large cistern, which once collected rainwater from the roofs around the square.
  • Mandracchio (small port in Istrian dialect): with sailing boats, excursion boats, and fishermen’s boats.

In addition to the standard guided tour, the visit can be adapted to the interests of the guests. The standard tour takes about an hour and a half but can be shortened or extended. The walking tour is moderately difficult. If there are people in the group who have difficulty walking, you can adjust the route so that the more accessible part is done first and then continue to the church of St. George with the rest of the group. The meeting point with the guide is usually the Piran bus station.

Piran guide

Some useful information regarding the guided tour of Piran

  • Bus parking: coaches can only enter Piran central bus station to download or load guests, but then have to park outside. They usually go to park in the car park at Lucia, which is located after Portorož (about 5 km).
  • Free time: there are many possibilities for spending a few hours of free time in Piran. There are bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, the tourist office and more. Most of them are open all year.
  • Museums and other attractions: there are many attractions in Piran, which could combine well with the guided tour. There is the maritime museum, the sub-aquatic museum, the aquarium, the collection “the magical world of shells” and the museum of treasures of St. George.
  • Public baths: Piran has public baths that are located away from the bus station and do not have a large capacity, so we usually recommend using the bathrooms in the bars.
  • Other places that combine well with Piran, when organizing a trip: Portorož, the Sečovlje salt pans, Izola Island, Koper …