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Five guided tours to the core of Slovenian Istria

We are happy to announce that our agency On the way has again succeeded in applying to the call of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB). Therefore, from June 2021 onwards, we offer five unique guided tours in Slovenian Istria, funded by the STB. We designed the tours based on many years of experience in working with domestic and foreign guests. In order to successfully apply, the tours had to meet the criteria of authenticity and above-average quality. The guided tours we offer are:

1. Stories of fishermen from Izola

On the tour we learn about fish, fishing and seafood in the beautiful Mediterranean town of Izola. On a walk along the Izola promenade, we get to know different types of fish, the history of fishing techniques and the value of seafood. The tour is full of fun stories that happened to Izola fishermen. The tour ends with a unique experience: real cuttlefish catching on the pier!

As it is much better to catch cuttlefish in the evening, we have sheduled the start of the tour at 18:00. We provide the hunting equipment. The tour is limited to a maximum of 10 persons.

2. Let’s taste the olive oil from Krkavče

In the last few years, olive oil from Slovenian Istria has won several top international awards. Renowned experts rank it among the best in the world. We upgraded the guided tour through Krkavče – one of the most picturesque Istrian villages, with a description of the types of olives, the method of olive oil production and a visit and tasting at the Carcauec olive oil house.

The guided tour is available at 9:00 and 17:00 and lasts up to 2 hours. For the tasting in the house Carcauec there is a supplement of 5 € per person.

3. About brave Istrian women through Hrastovlje

The story of brave women from the Istrian Šavrini hills is downright amazing. Let’s just think that there are known cases when some of them walked barefoot and with a basket on their heads to Trieste and back for 12 hours a day – something that is unimaginable nowadays. We get to know their stories on a guided tour through Hrastovlje, which also includes a visit to the church of Sv. Trinity and viewing the fresco of the Dance of the Dead.

The guided tour is available at 9:00 and 17:00 and lasts up to 2 hours. For the entrance to the church of Holly Trinity there is a supplement of 3,5 € per person.

4. Parenzana bike trail from tunnel to tunnel

The Parenzana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cycling trails in Slovenia. The guided tour on bicycles begins above Izola and runs through the Šalet tunnel and through a picturesque landscape all the way to Strunjan. At a stop along the coast, we get to know more about the northernmost salt-pans of the Mediterranean, the production of mussels and about the Strunjan health resorts. From here we continue through the Valeta tunnel to Portorož.

The guided cycling tour is available at 9:00 or 17:00. It lasts up to 2.5 hours, but we can extend the service to a half-day or full-day trip at an additional cost. The Bicycles are not included in the guided tour. The guide has his own bike and guests take care of their own bikes. It is possible to arrange bicycle rental.

5. We feel well in Strunjan

Strunjan is a place where locals from nearby towns forget their daily obligations on a walk and look for connection with nature. A guided tour takes place from the Bioenergy Park of the Hotel Salinera, through the Strunjan salt-pans and the Strunjan nature park, all the way to the view of the Moon Bay. The guided tour includes a presentation of some simple exercises from traditional Chinese medicine that have a beneficial effect on vitality.

The guided tour is available at 9:00 and at 17:00.

Additional information

The guided tour service is financed by the Slovenian Tourist Board. Guests have no cost with it. For the guided tour in Krkavče there is an additional charge of 5 € per person for the tasting. The amount is to be paid directly to the provider. For the guided tour in Hrastovlje, there is a supplement of 3,5 € per person for visiting the church of the Holy Trinity. The amount is paid directly at the entrance to the church.

In order to prove the realization, it is necessary to take a photo of the group on the guided tour and later publish it on a social network. The identity of the guests is not visible from the photo.

The exact place where we begin the guided tour is agreed upon when booking. For all additional information we are available on the number +38651210390 or via the contact form.

Available dates

In July and August 2021, all the following dates are still available:

  • August 6th morning
  • August 9th till August 12th
  • August 14th afternoon
  • August 16th till August 20th
  • August 23rd till August 27th
  • August 30th morning

The guided visits are available upon request also in September. We have updated the availabilty on July 28th. For the guided tour of Krkavče, we must additionally check the availability at the House of olive oil Carcauec.

How to make a booking?

It is very simple! You can call on +38651210390 or click the button: